Friday, 11 August 2017

The Setting of The Ace of Spades Campaign part 2

In this post I'll give a brief outline of the major races and cultures who will be appearing in my The Ace of Spades Campaign. Some of these originate from the setting for FGU's old Space Opera RPG, whilst others are the main races from the N.E.W. rulebook. Many other races exist but the ones featured here are the main ones who'll appear in my campaign. I'll start with looking at the two minor human star nations.

The Mercantile League
Centred around the planet Augustus 2 in the Antares star system, the Mercantile League was founded in 2140 by colonists from Sol 3 (Terra). They flourished and grew into the large star nation they have now become. Much of the League's success is down to the fact that it believes it is cheaper to get someone else to fight its battles for it. Although a very wealthy star nation it is militarily very weak and without strong allies would surely lose any major war against it. It shares a cordial relationship with the UFP and is neutral to the expansionist policies of the Azuriach Imperium and the GPR. The Mercantile League is committed to commerce and trade. Perhaps one of the truly unusual features of the League is its pre-occupation with the ancient Roman Empire of Terra. League government is modelled along the lines of the Roman Republic. Dress is Roman on most formal occasions and/or when appropriate. Latin is the formal language of the League, but the standard tongue commonly spoken is Basic Anglic - the universal human tongue in the League, the Azuriach Imperium, the GPR and the UFP.

The Galactic Peoples' Republic
The Galactic Peoples' Republic (GPR) is a human populated  communist state comprising many worlds clustered in and around the NCG 1039 star system. It was formed by colonists from the Soviet Bloc and communist China during the Exodus period of human colonisation of the galaxy (circa 2065 -2190). The GPR was officially founded in the year 2159. It suffered heavy loses in the First Interstellar War (2198-2215) with the Terran Union. However, after a brief period of calm, in 2229, the Second Interstellar War broke out between the newly formed Azuriach Imperium and the GPR. The Terran Union and Mercantile League stayed out of this war, which eventually ended in 2234 with a nominal Azuriach victory. Since then, the GPR has expanded and grown in military might, although it is still weaker than the hated Azuriach Imperium. The GPR is akin to the USSR during the Cold War period of the late 20th Century on Terra. It remains faithful to the true meaning of communism - it is willing to share all that you have. As of 2551, the GPR controls 1,324 planets in 41 star sectors.


Androids aren’t technically a species, and can vary greatly in appearance. Frequently, however, they look like humans. While many philosophers will debate whether or not Androids have true consciousness, they have passed every test imaginable and are legally considered to be alive, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. Stronger and tougher than humans, with processors which can outpace the human mind, Androids aren’t always the most popular in the room. Androids make excellent medics, engineers, and scientists.

Blarad Ursoids 
The Blarads are large bear-like creatures noted for their great strength and hardiness. They have a constitutional monarchy for a government and are fairly peaceful by human standards. They are mildly resistant to radiation. They are bipedal and have thick body hair ranging in colour from black, brown, and buff to white. Blarads are action-oriented beings and tend to prefer the military life. Their great strength allows them to carry heavy loads with ease. Blarad armour is so heavy that some humans say they use powered armour without the power assist! In close combat, few species can equal Ursoids for sheer destructive capacity. Despite their warlike natures, Blarads are largely vegetarian, consuming meat on occasion but not as a habit. Life expectancy is about 100 years.

Borian Humanoids
Borians are welcome in most places. Standing at about 4’ in height, with bright red or blue skin (depending on clan) and spiky heads, they have a reputation for good cheer and friendliness. This, coupled with their naturally robust constitution, also makes them renowned drinkers, and it has been said that Borians make the most common bartender race in the universe. Borians are good with their hands, and enjoy tinkering and building. They make excellent engineers and craftsmen. Life expectancy is 210-250 years.

Felan Felines
Felans, unimaginatively named by the first human explorers to encounter them, are a catlike species. Like their four-legged namesake, Felans are often beautiful to the eye, and move with a graceful, acrobatic purpose. Easily able to jump and climb, Felans like to make use of their environment, and tend to sleep in precarious locations high above the ground. Felans have a deserved reputation for being easily distracted, and often flit from career to career, unable to settle. Felans mature at 11 but they are short lived and their life expectancy is 40-50 years.

Hissss'ist Saurians
The Hissss'ist Saurians are descended from warm-blooded hunting dinosaurs and are notable for their considerable strength and size, which rivals that of the Ursoids. Their social structure is very state oriented; the young are hatched from eggs and never know their parents, being brought up by the government. The government is an oligarchy, with advancement to the top based on merit. By human standards they are  a"cold-blooded" race empathically speaking. Loyalty is given to the race and its leaders, who have proven their strength and wisdom, not to "loved ones". Life expectancy is about 100-125 years.

MekPurr Felines
MekPurrs are descended from large cat hunting stock, but they have evolved into a bipedal form. They are fastidious and have a seemingly nervous temperament, that is really a continual readiness to act decisively in an emergency. MekPurrs are the acknowledged masters of cybernetics and robotics in the known galaxy. Due to their low birthrate, androids and robots make up the bulk of their military forces. They are highly individualistic creatures, and respond sullenly to unjust and dictatorial treatment. They rarely forgive and never forget an injury and a resultant tendency to seek personal vengeance, characterises most MekPurrs. Whilst MekPurrs look very similar to the Felans, they are much more advanced and intelligent. MekPurrs have a life expectancy of 100-125 years. (Note that the MekPurrs are my favourite race from any role-playing game!)

Ogron Humanoids
Ogrons stand 7’ tall. Towering masses of muscle, accompanied by green skin and bestial tusks, they so much resemble the ogres of fairytale and lore than humankind named them after the mythical creatures. Ogrons have a reputation for stupidity. While it’s certainly true that most of humankind outstrips the Ogron species in terms of intelligence and education, Ogrons aren’t quite as stupid as many expect – they, as a species, do manage to operate and build starships, after all. Ogron adventurers tend to be mercenaries and soldiers. They have a short lifespan with a life expectancy of 40-50 years.

Rauwoof Canines
Uplifted dogs, Rauwoofs are loyal and friendly. With keen senses of smell and hearing, it’s hard to surprise a Rauwoof. Rauwoofs vary in size from 5’ to nearly 7’. They tend to be leaner and sturdier than humans, and are covered with thick fur which ranges in colour. Rauwoofs have a weakness for alcohol. Even a small amount will intoxicate them, and large amounts can be very dangerous to their health. Even so, they easily become addicted to the substance. Rauwoofs make excellent scouts, trackers and bounty hunters. They are adept at reading the emotions and body language of others, possibly due to their pack-based past. They have a life expectancy of 80-100 years.
Spartan Humanoids
Spartans were named after the mythological Human legends because of their warrior-based culture. Aggressive, violent, quick to anger and easy to offend, a group of Spartans can empty a bar in minutes. Add in their love of heavy drinking and the sheer joy they get from combat, it’s easy to see why Spartans are not the most popular of species. However, they do get frequently misunderstood – they are rarely bullies (indeed, they’d see it as cowardly to attack someone weaker). Spartans excel as soldiers and other warriors. They abhor indirect conflict, and will tend to avoid careers which involve subterfuge or deception. Spartans reach maturity at 30 and have a life expectancy of 70-90 years.

Venetian Humanoids
Venetians are a slim, hairless species, standing at roughly the same height as humans. They tend towards the ascetic, and, indeed, have a society which highly favours the monastic orders to which so many belong. The Venetian style of self-discipline and avoidance of indulgence gives the species a somewhat aloof demeanour which can be off-putting. Many of the Venetian monastic orders, of which there are thousands, focus on the martial arts and self-discipline. For this reason, Venetians – while being pacifistic in nature – are often very skilled combatants. Venetians are very long lived. They do not reach adulthood until they are 190 years old, and have a life expectancy of over 550 years.


  1. Some very interesting species, in this group Bryan, should certainly add some interesting encounters

    1. Absolutely right, Dave. A couple of them (an android and a Venetian) are part of The Ace of Spades crew.

    2. Some of them would look right at home in the arena's of Death Match, some look amazingly similar

    3. I was thinking the same thing myself, Dave. I know you are planning on adding a feline race to Death Match. Given the comments here, I think an ursoid race would be quite popular. I'd love to see you make some sci-fi bears. Both myself and Simon want a figure of king Tanak'aal Thonaval (shown in my previous post). This is just a suggestion for you to consider, not a formal request, as I know you are very busy.

      Anyway, I have quite a few sci-fi figures that would fit in perfectly in Death Match. Yes, I will be showing them on one of my blogs soon.

  2. Armoured Polar Bears, what's not to like.

  3. I agree with Phil, large armoured war bears - sheesh that's awesome!

    1. Cheers, Andy. The Blarads seem to have struck a chord with you guys. Cool!

  4. Despite the above comments from the "Blarad supporters club", it's nice to know you're actually a "cat person" Bryan.

    1. Thanks, Greg. It is true - I am a cat person. I always have been. I had two Persian cats whom I adored. That said, I like all animals and animal cruelty really angers me.

    2. (A Ragdoll, Birman and Selkirk Rex rule the house here. They are cruel to us sometimes, but we forgive them!)

    3. I can well believe it, Greg. It is fair to say that my two cats ruled our house and we were happy to serve them as they gave us so much love and pleasure. Ah, happy days! :-)

  5. Interesting stuff Bryan, nice to know you are a cat person (we have seven at the moment), We actually got our first cat (a Siamese), two days after we were married, instead of a honeymoon. Though I am sure you are already all over this have you considered the "Puma" sisters SF71 and SF72 by Denizen miniatures? true 25mm by Chub's stuff is gorgeous, I have all his sci/fi stuff, if you haven't already got them (you probably have), there a few other pieces that would fit in well with this project too.

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Obviously I meant the Puma sister's as MekPurr's

    2. Wow, Roger, seven cats?! That's amazing! You and your wife are certainly cat people!

      I do indeed have the Denizen "Puma" sisters. I remember buying them as soon as they were released. I must dig them out for my N.E.W. campaign. I love the Denizen 25mm scale range and I think I have every figure from their range. Thanks for reminding me of them, Roger.