Friday, 12 January 2018

Knights of Gaia

These three figures that I'm showing here are produced by Space Vixens from Mars and are labelled as Knights of Gaia. I bought them to use in my The Ace of Spades Campaign as members of the Star Knights organisation - the intergalactic guardians of peace, law keepers with special powers, and legendary heroes (and villains) of old.
From left to right are Tristan Du Lac who is fond of expensive cigars, Isolde La Belle who is fascinated with classical literature and Mark Cornwall who likes to study history. Tristan is armed with a Phaser Rifle, whilst Isolde and Mark are armed with Phaser Pistols. Hidden from sight, they also carry Laser Swords, the traditional weapon of the Star Knights.
I haven't worked out their stats for the N.E.W. role-playing game yet, and I'm pleased I held off. Very recently, there was an article published in EONS, the official on-line magazine for the WOIN role-playing systems entitled The Last Star Knight. It greatly expanded on the rules for Star Knights given in the N.E.W. rulebook, adding lots more exploits for a Star Knight player to choose from. I need to go over this article very carefully before I create the stats for these three characters.
These 28mm scale figures cost just £2.00 each and can be found here -
I suppose you could use them as bodyguards, corporate killers, gangsters or whatever - the choice is yours. They are well sculpted figures at a very reasonable price.


  1. Great looking group and neatly painted to represent your Knights in a distinctive 'uniform' colour :-)
    As you say, these are VERY versatile mini's and could be used for a huge variety of roles on the table top, so many thanks for posting them up Bryan.

    1. Very much appreciated, Greg. I must admit that I did think of making these "bad guy" types at one point. They are the kind of figures that can have multiple uses in a game, which is no bad thing in my book.

      As for their colour scheme, I simply copied that from the "Space Vixens from Mars" website. That said, I do think it works well for them.

  2. Nice looking figures Bryan, and well painted. As you say could be used for multiple roles

    1. Many thanks, Dave. They are very useful figures.